Kiwi adman dead in England

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LONDON, Today: Respected ex-Auckland media director Paul Shearman had passed away in the UK. The date of his death was not known at the time of writing, but recruitment consultant Barry Williamson, a former colleague, said it was “recently”.

Shearman was a media director at Bates New Zealand in the mid-90s.

Williamson: “He worked with me when I ran Media Decisions/The Media Palace. He left New Zealand for a long and distinguished channel and brand planning career in London.”

“Paul Shearman won a Cannes Media Grand Prix for PlayStation.”

A career peak would have been Shearman’s winning of a Cannes Media Grand Prix for PlayStation (year not known).

“It would be nice to have something published so that people he would have worked with both agency and media owner-side can be advised of his passing,” Williamson said.

“He was only 56.”

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