Saatchi fuses sound & animation in ‘groundbreaking’ campaign

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Saatchi & Saatchi has created a groundbreaking campaign for client Bay Audiology that uses the fusion of sound waves and animation in a totally new way. Saatchi’s production partners were Starcom, Flux and Liquid.

Following the agency’s award-winning Emotional Hearing Test campaign last year, this new brand campaign aims to remind Kiwis of the simple but important things they miss with hearing loss. 

Bring your Life to Life brought together an audiologist, an animation studio and a sound studio to take sound data and use it to create emotive images.

Key production partners Flux Animation and Liquid Studios worked with Bay Audiology’s sales director/audiologist Stephanie Mears to record and manipulate audio to shape 280 individual sound waves, which then formed a picture representing the sound.

“Bay Audiology’s foundation allowed us to create this beautifully simple, yet technically challenging campaign.”

They first identified what sounds were audible to a hearing loss sufferer. Starting with tinnitus, a common symptom of hearing loss, they took the sound wave and manipulated its frequency and volume and in turn altered its shape and path. While the line on its own looks nondescript, a process was then applied to each of the 280 different waves, whereby they were arranged within a 3D space a completed image.

Saatchi CCO Toby Talbot said the campaign was an exciting next step for the Bay Audiology brand.

“Bay Audiology’s ambition to truly connect with people of all ages, ethnicities and walks of life was the foundation that allowed us to create this beautifully simple, yet technically challenging campaign,” he said.

Bay Audiology marketing director Jacqueline Tibbotts said: “This piece of creative work will hit home with so many families around New Zealand for whom hearing loss is costing precious time with family and amazing moments. We know the incredible difference restored hearing can make and this ad captures that perfectly.”


Client: Bay Audiology
Brand & Partnership Manager: Kimberley Algie
Marketing Director: Jacqueline Tibbotts / Kimberley Algie
Managing Director: Dean Lawrie
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Managing Director: Paul Wilson
Chief Creative Officer: Toby Talbot
Creative Director: Guy Roberts
Art Director: Jake Blood
Copywriter: Josh Thompson
Head of Strategy: David McIndoe
Business Director: Susie Darling
Account Managers: Georgia Woodbridge & Kristine Green
Head of Digital and Content: Amanda Chambers
Producer: Jane Mill

Media: Starcom
Group Business Director: Sophia Quilian
Business Manager: Beena Dhanji

Animation: Flux
Director: Laban Dickinson
Executive Producer: Joshua Forsman
Producer: Je’maine Booth
3D: Jeremy Ball, Chaz Holland, Conrad Crooks
Design: Bonita Sidhu

Sound: Liquid Studios
Sound Design: Craig Matuschka
Music Composer: Peter van der Fluit
Music / Sound Producer: Tamara O’Neill

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