Saatchi & Saatchi launches Hey Toyota

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AUCKLAND, Wednesday: Saatchi & Saatchi and Toyota have this week launched a new messaging platform they are affectionately calling Hey Toyota.

The platform replaces a more traditional approach to shopping and retail communication, with a more progressive two-way approach to customer communication and partnership, across the customer experience.

Toyota NZ GM Andrew Davis said: “The world of mobility is changing fast and there is often confusion and anxiety amongst shoppers during the purchasing experience, and even ownership for that matter.

Hey Toyota is therefore a reflection and extension of our Toyota spirit, people and Store community.

“We also wanted to expand and encourage more two way communication channels with our customers, and enable them to ask us anything they wanted to know about our business in a fun, playful way.

“We want to encourage more two-way communication channels with our customers in a fun, playful way.”

“The platform is designed to be a distinctive, flexible and consistent way of messaging, with the flexibility to answer questions around used vehicles, new product updates, technology, features, promotions, finance deals, or almost anything Toyota and its customers wish to discuss, learn and share.

Saatchi & Saatchi CCO Steve Cochran said: “Lots of car brands make retail communication the same way.

“Car shots with slightly too-smiley people hopping inside and props that reflect their lifestyle. We’re trying to establish a new and human platform that still delivers all the rational information we need to, but with a more distinctive Toyota personality.

“We don’t pretend to have invented Q+A style advertising, but this integrated method of having diverse New Zealanders asking questions across any medium gives us a flexible construct for Toyota, its store network and customers.

“The Hey Toyota theme simply fell out of writing questions the way consumers might ask them. But it soon caught on as the name of a much broader theme of customer responsiveness for the whole business.”

The first of the platforms work was shot by Jeff Wood of Flying Fish with the music track created by Moniker. Hey Toyota kicks off in the first week of March and shall progressively be rolled out across the Toyota ecosystem throughout 2022.


Client: Toyota
Creative Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Media Agency: Starcom
PR Agency: Wright Communications
Film Production Company: Flying Fish
Post Production Company: Mandy VFX
Sound Design & Mix: Crag Matuschka, Liquid Studios
Music: Moniker
Digital Agency: Digitas (AU/NZ)

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