A new adventure for My Food Bag

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AUCKLAND, Wednesday: Saatchi & Saatchi NZ has launched a new brand platform for My Food Bag, centred on the premise of ‘taste adventure’.

As New Zealand’s first meal kit maker, My Food Bag have always prided themselves on creating the perfect balance of convenience and ease, but with an emphasis on variety and discovery.

This new platform brings this notion to life in a fresh contemporary food-centric way.

JMy Food Bag chief customer officer Jo Mitchell said” “The approach leans into the language and joy of cooking up interesting, tasty recipes which is at the heart of what My Food Bag is about.

“My Food Bag offers an element of adventure right through the customer’s experience.

“There’s exploring the variety of new and diverse recipes available every week, unpacking your freshly delivered box, discovering new flavours and techniques while you cook, and when you sit down to eat, there’s trying something new or a twist on something familiar.

“It’s all a kind of adventure.”

“The launch also features the sponsorship of Nadia Lim’s own new adventure – her new show, Nadia’s Farm, on Three.”

Saatchi & Saatchi chief creative officer Steve Cochran said: “An arresting new art direction style has been introduced to invigorate the brand with a sense of cooking adventure but also to provide a strong distinctive style to My Food Bag communications across channels.

“The film was shot by renowned food photographer Keiran Scott, with editing and motion graphics by Mardo El-Noor.

“The platform has been developed by Saatchi & Saatchi in conjunction with new My Food Bag partners, MBM and Breakout Room.

“Spending time in the My Food Bag kitchens with their team of chefs gives you a real appreciation of their passion for creating interesting recipes every week.

Of course, this comes with the discipline of not getting carried away and making things too challenging or too long to prepare. It’s a fascinating job and a great place of inspiration to tap into.

“The launch campaign uses digital OOH and television, predominantly targeting pre-dinner and dinner time, to catch people in the moment they’re faced with the hassle of that night’s meal.

“This is a time of day when the idea of having all the ingredients and simple instructions waiting for you in your kitchen is poignantly motivating.

“The launch also features the sponsorship of Nadia Lim’s own new adventure – her new show, Nadia’s Farm, on Three.”


Client: My Food Bag
Chief Customer Officer: Jo Mitchell
Head of Marketing: Anya Saikkonen
Senior Brand Manager: Olivia Sheppard
Chef/Food Manager: Jessie Rolls
Chef/Food Manager: Marie Yu

Director: Kieran Scott
Director (VFX): Mardo El-Nor
Producer: Sarah Hough
VFX Producer: Mandy
Art Director: Ben Witter

Food Stylist: Jo Bridgford
Music/Sound Design: Franklin Road
Composer/Sound Design: Steafaan Van Leuven

Creative agency: Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand
Chief Creative Officer: Steve Cochran
Senior Art Director: Tim Yates
Senior Copywriter: Josh Stuart
Chief Strategy Officer: David McIndoe
Group Business Director: Aaron Hodgson
Senior Business Director: Briar Dye-Hutchinson
Business Manager: Julia Lewisham
Executive Producer: Jane Mill

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