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AUCKLAND, Today: Next week, Saatchi & Saatchi and Kiwi beer brand Export will unveil a  new creative campaign named the The Beer for Yeah to launch Export Ultra, a crisp and refreshing lager that is 99% carb-free, 99% sugar free and contains only 26 calories per 100 ml.

Saatchi ECD Jordan Sky said: “The new concept explores the notion of being ‘all in’ on life’s best moments.

“The light-hearted, modern campaign is an extension of the ‘beer for here’ brand direction launched last year and follows a group of friends who are out to make the best of a scorching hot beautiful summers day in New Zealand, the world’s greatest beer garden.

“The group enjoys a swim, followed by refreshing Export Ultra, and features the classic Kiwi humour that Export is known for.

“The campaign film features an unreleased track from talented Kiwi artist Mitch James, that aligns perfectly with the light, summery friendship moments visited in the campaign.

“This was a fun chance for us to visit another corner of the greatest beer garden in the world.”

DB Breweries senior marketing manager Sam Forrest said: “The strategy was to hone in on the popular low-carb trend and help Kiwis to re-appraise beer as an option.

“Low-carb beer is in a period of huge growth, increasing by 38% over the past year, which is interesting to note in a world where people have an enormous amount of choice for alcoholic options.

“We know people who perhaps normally drink another alcoholic option will consider a low carb beer when the environment is perfect, think a hot sunny day and a fun environment with friends, so with this ad we’re transporting people to that perfect day, in the world’s greatest beer garden.”

Jordan Sky: “This was a fun chance for us to visit another corner of the greatest beer garden in the world. This time, conveniently just over the neighbour’s fence. What better way to make a… um… splash, and introduce The Beer for Yeah with Export Ultra.

“There are three 15-second ads that have been designed to tap into the target audience’s habits and attention spans. These films will be complemented with cutdowns, social films, digital advertising, and OOH.

Check out the campaign here:


Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Chief Creative Officer: Steve Cochran
Executive Creative Director: Jordan Sky
Art Director: Gina Morgan
Copywriter: Eliza Romanos
Senior Producer: Jess Drysdale
Executive Producer: Jane Mill
Chief Strategy Officer: David McIndoe
Group Business Director: Aaron Hodgson
Senior Business Director: Briar Dye-Hutchinson
Senior Business Manager: Julia Lewisham
Production Company: Flying Fish
Producer: Sam Attenborough
Director: Gary Johns
Client: DB Breweries
Marketing Director: Fraser Shrimpton
Senior Marketing Manager Domestic Brands: Sam Forrest
Marketing Manager: Hannah Gray
Brand Manager: Eddie Commons

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