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Colenso BBDO is behind an innovative Samsung campaign that has resulted an entire high-tech house being built on the Auckland waterfront.

“Samsung are in the business of designing the future. So to showcase their innovative appliances, we asked ourselves what if our homes were as forward thinking?  What if they could change in a heartbeat, to cater to how rapidly our lives change?”  asks Dan Wright, Creative Director at Colenso BBDO.

Designed and built in collaboration with some of New Zealand’s leading architects, designers and engineers, the house was constructed with rooms on hinges, pivoting walls and sliding doors so it could  take on the user’s choice of a dozen different arrangements, all in the time it takes to grab a coffee.  This flexibility ensured the perfect layout and highlighted the Samsung appliances required for any occasion.

The house was installed waterside at Wynyard Quarter in downtown Auckland for three weeks.  The  public were invited to register online and through social media to hold their  own private event where the house would be  configured specifically to the occasion and their needs.  From there the home was handed over to them so they could experience the latest and most advanced Samsung home appliances  and live and breathe the brand’s design philosophy first hand in an utterly unique setting.

Over two weeks more than over 2000 people have marvelled at the clever thinking represented by the Samsung Home Smart Home and more than 300 Kiwis applied to hold a  private event.



Client: Samsung New Zealand
Marketing Director: Mike Cornwell
Marketing Manager: Morgane Devos
Agency: Colenso BBDO
Creative Chairman: Nick Worthington
Creative Director: Dan Wright
Account Team: Victoria Graves, James Cummins


External Suppliers:

  • Flying Fish – Production partner
  • Architects: Jasmax
  • Engineers: Holmes Group
  • Builders: NZ Strong

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