Samsung Foldable Film Festival winner announced

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AUCKLAND, Today: Director Dean Hewison has been named the winner of the first Foldable Film Festival, an event that showcased the latest evolution of film – folding screens.

Dreamed up by DDB Group’s digital experience agency, Tribal Aotearoa in partnership with Samsung NZ and Flying Fish, the festival challenged some of the country’s leading up-and-coming directors to create short films for a screen that folds.

Hewison’s film, Speed Dating, provided a humorous perspective on online dating in which the foldable screen format had an important role in the narrative.

Samsung NZ marketing communications manager Doug Gilbert said: “It’s in the nature of film to continuously evolve and find news means of expression.

“In this campaign, it was fun to show how Samsung’s flexible screen technology in the Galaxy Z Flip and Fold could inspire a platform for a new evolution.

“Filmmakers are no longer restricted by a flatscreen. They can use the fold to create a 3-dimensional image and take audiences on a journey.”

“It was captivating to see how each director used the format of a folded screen to contribute to the spectacle or narrative of their piece. It’s exciting to imagine what might come next in devices and screen technology – and how film making might adapt.”

Tribal Aotearoa ECD Haydn Kerr said: The festival was a creative way to showcase the devices’ versatility and unique technology.

“The emergence of foldable screens opens a new creative challenge for the film industry.

“Filmmakers are no longer restricted by a flatscreen. They can use the fold to create a three-dimensional image and take audiences on a journey, which Hewison did perfectly with his film.”

The festival featured short films from Fish Studio directors Petra Cibilich, Fraser Chatham, Ian Sweeney, Mardo El Noor, Dean Hewison, and Jase Hancox who used the versatile perspectives of the folding screens to tell immersive and engaging stories.

Launched on July 8, the festival gave attendees the chance to experience the films in person and online. Whether they attended the physical event or experienced the films on the Samsung website, they could vote for their favourite film and experience the foldable devices directly.


Client: Samsung
Group Marketing Director: Shannon Watts
Head of Brand Marketing: Simon Smith
MarComms Manager: Doug Gilbert

Agency: DDB Group
Group Chief Creative Officer: Matty Burton
Chief Creative Officer: Gary Steele
Executive Creative Director (Tribal): Haydn Kerr
Executive Creative Director (Track): Aaron Goldring
Senior Designer: Rob Flynn
Art Director: Darryl Ng
Copywriter: Kirsty Brewis
Senior Account Director: Georgia Kerr
Senior Account Manager: Alex Pipes
Agency Producer: Brett Macdonald
Head of Motion Design: Mark Trethewey

Production Company: Fish
Producer: Blaine Stevenson
Directors: Fraser Chatham, Jase Hancox, Petra Cibilich, Ian Sweeney, Mardo El Noor, & Dean Hewison

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