Sapien redefines Frucor Suntory shopper marketing strategy

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AUCKLAND, Friday: Clemenger Group behavioural research agency Sapien has unveiled new technology to measure shopper behaviour, in an innovative new study carried out to redefine Frucor Suntory’s shopper marketing strategy.

Working in collaboration with an unnamed “major NZ retailer”, Sapien was enlisted by Frucor Suntory to better understand shopper behaviour in impulse areas of stores. After recognising that  customer experience could be improved and sales optimised, both parties wanted to test how to best achieve these objectives. 

Incorporated into display units, camera technology – new to the New Zealand market – provided fresh insight and objective measurement of category performance and shopper engagement.

The technology measured traffic, attention span, emotional response and the demographics of shoppers – without any personal information being captured or stored.

Sapien insights director Manya Craig said: “Having the ability to measure human behaviour while preserving the integrity and anonymity of shoppers is a game-changer for the fmcg industry.

“It allows organisations like Frucor Suntory and their retail partners to determine where to position products in-store, optimum layouts and which display units best attract attention without having to spend thousands on trialling creative.”

Frucor Suntory shopper marketing chief Derek Larsen said: “The insights collected from this project have enabled us to design display layouts that make it easier for our customers to browse and purchase when they are on the move.

“It’s been incredibly exciting to be able to trial this new technology with Sapien. Not only have we been able to improve store flow and product sales but we’ve made the shopping experience more enjoyable and easier for customers.”


Insights Director: Manya Craig (Sapien)
Research Director: Mark Vincett (Sapien)
Technology: Greg Forsyth, Craig McKay

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