Contagion relaunch for Kiwi sausage roll icon

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AUCKLAND, Today: Integrated media & creative agency Contagion has produced a national TV, outdoor, digital and in-store campaign for Richmond Foods’ original sausage rolls brand.

Contagion founder Dean Taylor said: “You may know this iconic yet humble sausage roll as ‘the ones with Alison Holst on them’.

“Over four generations of Kiwis have loved and served them at every occasion. The taste and consistent quality is legendary.

“These Kiwi treats have been around since the 1970s. The packaging was instantly recognisable to thousands of us.

“Alison Holst fronted the product for years; she represented home cooking, great Kiwi values and the assurance that this product was bound to taste great with a warm welcome.

“The packaging didn’t change for years and everybody was happy with this; some things don’t need to change.

“The new campaign says a fond farewell to the old packaging and showing the new, more environmentally friendly look.”

“But the time came to update the packaging, which set up a huge dilemma of how to communicate the product without their celebrity association and rather 70s packaging? Not an easy task.

“Some products are just part of the backdrop of our lives, and we had to respect this with the campaign we created, whilst moving forward.”

“The new campaign shows what these sausage rolls mean in our lives whilst saying a fond farewell to the old packaging and showing the new, more environmentally friendly, look.”

Contagion ECD Oliver Maisey said: “Changing the packaging broke the nostalgic link people had with them, so all we needed to remind people was they’re the same as ever; the only thing that’s changed is the packaging.”

Rebecca Lloyd, GM of Contagion Media, said: “This product required a video-led strategy across TV & online video. Outdoor and in-store activity will signpost shoppers to the product in the chiller and get these sausage rolls onto the table at celebrations.”

The campaign launched this week.


Client: Richmond Foods Ltd
Creative: Contagion
Media: Contagion Media
Production: Truman Films

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