Scenic walk tours don’t pay the bills!

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We all know it’s tough out there for well-qualified young people trying to break into the communications business. Some, like Adnaan Narot, have even moved to a new city to find work.

“I’ve just moved to Wellington from Auckland in the hope of getting a foot in at an agency down here,” he writes to M+AD. “I’m a fresh graduate of a Bachelor of Communication Studies at AUT, and as I’m sure you can imagine I’ve been incessantly harassing every industry person I can find to get a coffee with.

“Problem is, I’ve run out of people to harass!

Narot’s skills include copywriting, camera operating and editing, planning and public speaking.

“So far I’ve been pretty good at networking with ad professionals around both cities, and whilst I’ve been given heaps of encouragement, I’m running out of scenic walks to do in Wellington.”

Narot says all the major recruiters have encouraged him, but notes that entry-level jobs are scarce.

“I’ve been on your website plenty in the last four weeks, and along with my barrage of networking attempts I still find myself unemployed.

“I was wondering if you could potentially point me in the direction of someone that may be worth yarning to regarding getting a foot in the door at an agency here, or if you could offer me any advice in my pursuit? I’d really appreciate any feedback you could give me!”


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