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AUCKLAND, Today: School Road Publishing has appointed prominent writer, journalist and speaker Niki Bezzant as editor of wellness & sustainability magazine Thrive.

She will assume her new role in August when she takes the helm from current editor and simple living guru Wendyl Nissen, who is stepping away from Thrive to return to the world of writing books.

School Road group publisher, Sido Kitchin said: “While her predecessor leaves behind big shoes to fill, Niki is raring to go and ready to rise to the occasion.

Niki Bezzant said: “I’m really looking forward to picking up where Wendyl has left off. Thrive has already built a strong and engaged community, and I’m keen to connect with them and learn how we can grow the brand and take it on the next stage of its journey.

“I think more and more people are seeking great journalism on health, sustainability and wellbeing in all its forms, and at a deeper level than they might have in the past. I look forward to sharing what we learn and helping women to thrive.”.

“She’s a Supreme Editor of the Year winner at the NZ Magazine Awards.”

Bezzant is an award-winning writer, speaker and commentator and brings with her 20 years’ of experience working in the New Zealand media industry.

She’s made her career from a passion for food, health and nutrition. She was the founding editor of Healthy Food Guide, where she took the title from an independent start-up to a top-selling New food magazine, until it moved to a digital publication in late 2019.

As editor (a role she held for 12 years) she was named the Supreme Editor of the Year in the NZ Magazine Awards 2010, and in 2019 she won awards for Best Feature Writing and Outstanding Contribution to Food and Health Communication at the NZ Food Media Awards.

Niki Bezzant will take on the role of Thrive editor from August this year. She is currently health editor for School Road Publishing’s Woman magazine.

Launched by School Road Publishing in November last year, Thrive is a nurturing and inspirational bi-monthly magazine, aimed at enriching the lives of readers who care passionately about their wellbeing, as well as the world around them.

Thrive now connects with news site Stuff, which shares a selection of stories and video content taken from all four School Road Publishing magazines housed under Stuff’s Life & Style and Travel verticals.

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