School Road launches Content Studio

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AUCKLAND, Today: After launching four new print magazine brands into the NZ market late last year (Woman, Haven, Thrive and Scout) School Road’s latest Content Studio expansion aims to increase collaboration with advertising partners to create bespoke content solutions across multiple platforms.

School Road is the publishing arm of Waitapu Group, owned by Stanley St’s Greg Partington.

Group publisher Sido Kitchin said: “At School Road, we connect our audiences through the power of great storytelling, and we know how deeply engaged our readers are with us,” says Sido Kitchin, Group Publisher.

“The Content Studio will harness this understanding and experience to help clients tell their own stories and reach new audiences on a deeper level. We’ll offer content solutions across print and digital, via video, photography, websites, social campaigns, podcasts and custom content.”

Content Studio will be run by Susan Browne, former Stanley St business lead: “Whether connecting with your audience or your employees, brands need to start thinking mobile first,” she said.

“This shift is creating an insatiable appetite for content, but developing always-on content streams can be perceived as a costly investment.  Instead of investing in one big piece of content, brands need to think about how each piece can be repurposed to be used multiple times across multiple touchpoints.

“Content Studio will be run by Susan Browne, former Stanley St business lead.”

“The new offering from Content Studio will be low-cost, fast-turnaround production solutions imbued in the principles of storytelling. We wanted to offer clients surety around cost and speed to market, but also to make creating content more accessible.

“To do this the Content Studio will offer a number of low-cost production packages for video, photography, ecommerce and food solutions. Packs start as low as $3500, or alternatively we can develop bespoke solutions for clients.”

Kitchin: “Unlike many publishers, content produced by School Road will not always be tied to their magazine platforms. We understand that many brands are developing their own media assets and are struggling to access enough content to populate these.

Browne, who has 10 years’ experience as a senior business director, said: “We have seen the relationship between audiences and brands changing.  Audiences want brands to connect with them in a way that adds value to the relationship.

“We’re seeing a lot of brands responding to this by looking for more immersive solutions.  School Road Content Studio has the tools to create these. The Content Studio is open for business.”

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