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The 2015 edition of AWARD School NZ got under way this week at the Colenso building on College Hill. The 10 students were welcomed by school head Brett Colliver and given their first brief of the course.

“AWARD School 2015 will follow a similar structure to other years,” Colliver told Campaign Brief. However, he said there’d be a couple of significant changes.

“One will be more focus on creative strategy. After all, great ideas are pointless if they’re not strategically sound.

“We’ll also be encouraging the students to start forming creative partnerships for the last three or four briefs. In the past, teaming up has been left up to the students. But this year, to ensure that they’re ready to walk into an agency straight after graduation, we wanted to build it into the course.”

Tutorials started on Wednesday night. The first half of the course is taken by Matt Williams and Freddie Coltart from FCB. Then, at the halfway point, DDB’s Zac Lancaster will take over.

“This is the second time all of the guys have volunteered to be tutors, so a big thanks have to go to Matt, Freddie and Zac for being so generous with their time.”

The course graduation will be in early November, with details to come.

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