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AUCKLAND, Today: It seems just about everybody at Phantom Billstickers has a creative bent – even the folk that just check the finished work. The latest in a long line of Phantoms who can string a few words together is poster checker Amber Zhou.

“Amber joined us as maternity cover for Rachel Rowlands, who we hope to welcome back before too long, reads the report in the latest edition of the company’s weekly Phan Mail e-letter.

“But we also love having Amber here in Phantom HQ – she’s taken to the role of presentation manager like a duck to the proverbial. 

“Here are her thoughts on street posters, accountability, and why people are way too interested in what she’s carrying in her Phantom cargo bike …”

My job is all about checking on Monday what went up in Phantom frames on Saturday or Sunday.

Our billstickers upload pictures of every new poster to our Pasted app as proof of installation, but sometimes we need higher quality images. The account managers want to send hi-res photos to their clients so it’s my job to take those photos on sites around Auckland.

“I previously worked as a digital designer in ad agencies.”

On my first week I did the rounds on Rachel’s cargo bike but the Auckland roads were intimidating. So the next week I went out on my Segway scooter – it was much easier.

I was born and raised in Auckland and previously worked as a digital designer in ad agencies. Then I went on my OE and lived in Amsterdam but returned to Auckland to escape the European winter in October 2018. I was planning to go back to Europe but then I saw an ad on Seek to come and work for Phantom Billstickers.

So here I am.

My most unusual experience on the job has been taking the Phantom cargo bike around central Auckland. People are fascinated by it. They walk up and ask what’s inside – and the truth is, nothing! I reckon they see the Phantom bike and think I’ve got free stuff to give away.

A cool poster campaign I saw recently was the one for Garage Project. I’ve always been a super fan of their work and art.

My dream job would be working for Pixar one day. I love their work, and their offices look amazing.

The thing I like most about working for Phantom is the staff. People are always asking about what you’re up to now, and what you did in the weekend. It’s a great place to work.

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