Semi Permanent #14 hits town in August

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Billed as “the Mecca for creatives, entrepreneurs and future thinkers”, Semi Permanent is back in Auckland this year with industry heavyweights headlining the two-day symposium, on Friday & Saturday11-12 August.

“What was once a niche event for ‘creative types’ continues to grow in relevance and importance as creativity and design come to the fore as increasingly important elements for careers and business,” says event organiser Simon Velvin.

“The speed of change within industries is at a pace never seen before and re-invention is the key. Now more than ever design, business and culture are overlapping with creativity being a key demand”, he says.

“This year’s speaker line-up is a roll-call of names, of the best minds from today’s biggest global companies – Facebook director of product AI Dantley Davis, Uber CD Erik Klimczak, Air bnb head of experience Katie Dill, and Google Search head of design Hector Ouilhet.

Cult leaders who are rock stars in their communities include world renowned book designer Irma Boom, the world’s leading scent artist and designer Sissel Tolaas, HaydenShapes surfboard designer Hayden Cox; star typeface designer Tobias Frere-Jones, and New Zealand’s leading contemporary artist, Michael Parekowhai …. and the list goes on.”

“This year’s speaker line-up is a roll-call of names of the best minds from today’s biggest global companies.”

With 18 speakers over two days, Velvin expects the event to inspire, energise and educate.

“With such a wealth of creativity and experience in one space you need to be prepared for a bit of a brain explosion”, he said.

“The things these people are doing and the future they are creating for us is truly mindblowing and it is relevant to everyone. Semi Permanent is about creating a forum for people to learn from the best and take it back into their work or business and innovate for the future.’

Separate business breakfast
To capitalise on the time key speakers have in Auckland, a separate condensed business briefing breakfast has been created to allow companies and organisations to gain insights and information from key attendees.

The representatives from Google, Uber, Facebook and Airbnb will lead a two-hour high-speed, high-impact business briefing for teams, companies and organisations wrestling with what’s next.

Titled The Future of the Future, the event will be led by business commentator Rod Oram and will be interactive with guests invited to stand up and ask the tough questions.

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