Serenity, with a dash

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Barnes Catmur & Friends Dentsu have launched the Tower Insurance Airpoints campaign, featuring a clean, calm, few-frills TVC out of Exit’s Greg Wood.

“Tower recently became the only insurer to offer airports with their new policies so it made sense to announce this news with a significant campaign covering digital, print, billboards, TV and radio,” said agency ECD Paul Catmur.

“Having the empty houses enabled us to get across the benefit of their Airports offering as well as giving us the TVC the best chance of standing out, firstly because the serenity acts as a counter to the usual shouted competition.

“And secondly, as the confused cat lady comes in at the end to add a dash of humour.

“Who doesn’t like a confused cat lady?”


Agency: Barnes, Catmur & Friends Dentsu
Executive Creative Director: Paul Catmur
Art Director: Rob Longuet-Higgins
Copywriter: Rob Cook
General Manager: Luke Farmer
Sr Account Manager: Nicholas Gallagher
Head of Production: Phil Newman
TVC Producer: Esther Watkins
Finished Artist: Simon Kear
Digital Developer: Lee Armitstead
Media Director: Monica Wales
Digital Manager: Harrison Boys
Media Buyer: Natasha Free
Production Company: Exit Films
Director: Greg Wood
Executive Producer: Declan Cahill
Producer: Kate Moses
Sounds: Shane Taipari @ Franklin Road
Stills Photography: Mark Carter @ IDC
Client: Tower Insurance
General Manager Product & Marketing: Tony Antonucci
Head of Marketing: Fiona Woolley
Marketing Manager: Suzi Goodwin
Marketing Manager: Dominika Riddell
Marketing Executive: Fiona Chua
Digital & Alliance Marketing Manager: Katie Baznova

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