Coastguard + Mediar Spitfire debunk She’ll be right

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AUCKLAND, Thursday: Indie digital creative agency Mediar Spitfire has partnered with MediaWorks and The Rock in a Coastguard campaign that tackles our ‘she’ll be right’ attitude towards water safety.

Spitfire director Tony Richards said: “Kiwis are generally quite relaxed in their outlook with ‘she’ll be right being a culturally and socially acceptable attitude. In the case of water safety however, it can take on a less flattering connotation and put people’s lives at risk.

“In an attempt to debunk this cultural idiosyncrasy, the campaign aims to bring about a collective change.

“The Rock Drive hosted by Jay & Dunc on weekdays, was identified as having the highest male audience listenership.

“The fishing playlist curated by MediaWorks will play 300+ of the favourite summer anthems 24/7.”

“Jay & Dunc are both avid fishermen who love getting out on the water and this partnership will see them taking to the radio and their social media, debunking ‘she’ll be right’ with saying ‘she won’t be right’.

“To support the social drive on water where the message will most resonate, the first-ever bespoke stand-alone, Music+ station Push The Boat Out on rova, with an ultimate fishing playlist, was launched on Monday,” he said.

More than 500,000 rova users were sent a push notification about the launch. The fishing playlist curated by MediaWorks will play 300+ of the favourite summer anthems and will be accessible 24/7.

Audio and visual imagery on the Music+ station of real-life testimonials of members who were rescued by Coastguard brings to life the message ‘she won’t be right’and encourages action.

The campaign, which will remain live till the end of March, is supported across traditional and digital media touchpoints in various formats with the same real-life testimonials.


Agency: Mediar Spitfire
Director: Tony Richards
Digital Group Head: Aafreen Mamaji
Executive Creative Director: John Madden
Project Manager: Catherine de Vos
Client contacts: Georgie Smith, Justine Murchison and Jo Cowie
MediaWorks: Monique Pierce, Courtney Gratwick and The Integration team

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