Shear delight

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FCB has shot the latest in its series of self-promotional videos – like the others, this one riffs on the agency’s positioning as The Change Agency.

I’s called We the Sheeple, it’s set in a shearing shed, and its star is … a singing sheep, who belts out the FCB change philosophy, reggae-style.

“The ads are an external expression of our point of view,”Regional ECD James Mok told website Stop Press. “It’s been really important to take a point of view in the market place, and not just to do ads around it, but to actually live it.

“The idea of behaviour change is something that drives us. And changing behaviour does lead to business results. If you don’t get people to do stuff, how can you measure how effective your work is?”



Regional ECD: James Mok
ECD: Tony Clewett
Creative team: Hywel James / Kelly Lovelock
Head of content: Pip Mayne
Account team: Toby Sellers, Sally Willis
Production co: FCB
Director: Marco Siraky / Kelly Lovelock
DOP/Editor: Marco Siraky
Animation: 2.5D (mouth manipulation on sheeple)
Animation director: Mike Stephenson
End logo lock up animation: Matt Oak / Craft @ FCB
Sound studio: Liquid
Engineer: Brendon Morrow
Composer/Arranger: Liquid/Peter Van Der Fluit
Producer: Tamara O’Neill
Singers: Richard Simpson, Jackie Clarke

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