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Fisher & Paykel handed PR agency Sherson Willis the responsibility of coming up with an innovative way to highlight their ongoing commitment to design and innovation for the 20th anniversary of their pioneering DishDrawer. 

The result was a limited edition handcrafted 20th-anniversary dinner set, which juxtaposed the two decades of refinement of innovation and design of the Fisher & Paykel Dishdrawer.

Knowing that there has been a rise in interest in handmade homeware, Sherson Willis set up the collaboration between Fisher & Paykel and Wellington-based ceramicist Felicity Donaldson of Wundaire.

Donaldson makes Wundaire ceramics using stoneware clay which is rolled out like pastry and then bisque fired to 1000C. The result is handmade earthy ceramics which are stamped on the back with the Wundaire logo.

“The Wundaire collaboration was inspired by the Wabi-Sabi trend of handmade pottery which is centred around seeing the perfect in the imperfect,” said Sherson Willis associate directyor Amy McKenzie.

“Small-batch ceramics are popping up in trendsetting boutiques everywhere and clay-making studios are seeing a rise in enrolments.

“The trend represents a yearning for a more down-to-earth experience to counterbalance the technology-centred world we inhabit and we thought this was the perfect backdrop for a collaboration.

“The Wundaire collaboration was inspired by the Wabi-Sabi trend of handmade pottery which is centred around seeing the perfect in the imperfect.”

“Although on the surface they both seem very different products, both Wundaire and the DishDrawer are both made for real people leading real lives,” she said.

Viva & Urbis
Just 15 limited edition dinner sets were created to commemorate the DishDrawer anniversary. Five were sent out to design and cooking influencers and the rest were given away on Fisher & Paykel, and media outlets Viva and Urbis.

“The trend for getting back to something more real and tactile, like the hand made Wundaire dinner set, aligns with our brand story,” said F&P chief designer Lauren Palmer.

“Fisher & Paykel have a long history of Kiwi innovation and design, especially with our ground-breaking DishDrawer. However, at the centre of our business is the desire to create useful objects for everyday tasks, just like Wundaire.”

About the DishDrawer Dishwasher
The DishDrawer put Fisher & Paykel on the world stage over 20 years ago and caused quite a stir when it was launched in 1996. News of this revolutionary product spread fast and it earned itself a place on Oprah Winfrey’s show and a spread in Time magazine.

Two decades down the track, this innovative appliance is in its prime; its original benefits honed.  The new models are quieter and more energy and water-efficient than ever and some models incorporate cleaver features such as flexible racking and quick, extra dry and santise modes. It is also now more durable, thanks to Fisher & Paykel’s rigorous testing for 20 years’ continuous use. Over 1.25 million DishDrawer Dishwashers have been manufactured and sold in more than 20 countries worldwide. It has cemented its reputation as a design classic with its emphasis on sleek lines, has scooped numerous top industry and consumer choice awards, and continued to build global market share.


Client: Fisher & Paykel
Marketing Manager: Louise Hancock
Agency: Sherson Willis
Directors: Trish Sherson / Rewa Willis
Associate Director: Amy McKenzie
Associate: Thalia Stronge
Production Associate: Lisa Webb
Junior Associate: Issie Hallwright
Designer: Richard Munro
Media agency: MBM

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