Shine’s energetic Genesis debut

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Genesis Energy’s new agency Shine has launched its first brand campaign for the power generator since the company ditched 99 and justONE in July.

The Finch tvc, which features the power generation facility of the future, went to air on Sunday 1 October on all major channels, and Genesis marketing manager Justine Fairlie says this “is just the start of an ongoing conversation with customers”.

The direct, digital and on-air campaign aims to show New Zealanders how Genesis can put them in control of their energy.

“Central to the campaign is highlighting that we’re doing things differently at Genesis, working closely with our customers to lead them into the future of energy,” Fairlie said. “Through their involvement, customers are helping shape the products and services we deliver.

“We’re focusing on our existing customers and giving them access to innovative technology that lets them make, monitor and control their energy in ways that work for them. This is summed up in a simple phrase which connects our people and our customers – With you. For you.

“We wanted a strong, distinctive look, and a fresh, upbeat tone that captures the brand’s enthusiasm and collaborative focus.”

“The brand campaign kicked off with a letter outlining that in the future, we could be paying customers for energy. As a symbol of this change we gave the equivalent of an hour’s worth of power to every customer.

“The letter directs customers to a website where they can redeem the credit – or gift it to schools through our community initiative School-gen.”

Shine creative director Matt Simpkins says when you meet the wider team at Genesis you realise how passionate and motivated they are to help their customers navigate the huge changes that the energy industry is on the cusp of.

“We wanted to support this with a strong, distinctive look, and a fresh, upbeat tone of voice that captures and reflects the brand’s enthusiasm and collaborative focus,” Simpkins said.

Shine strategy partner Andy McLeish says the world of energy is changing fast, and Genesis itself has undergone a transformation to be innovative, future focused and customer-focused.”

An enduring platform
“This campaign starts to reposition the brand along those dimensions and this is the first instalment of what will be an enduring platform,” Simpkins said.


Client: Genesis:
Brand & Marketing Manager: Justine Fairlie
Brand Manager: Stephanie Fahey
Agency: Shine
Creative Partner: Chris Schofield
Creative Director: Matt Simpkins
Senior Art Director: Darran Wong Kam
Copywriter: Darryl Wong
Senior Producer: Nick Barnes
Head of Design: Simon Redwood
Managing Director: Simon Curran
Strategy Partner: Andy McLeish
Head of Client Service: Tim Ellis
Business Director: Dave Wilson
Project Manager: Mel Cutfield
Project Manager: Marcelle Ruffin
Production Company: Finch
Director: Jae Morrison
Producer: Sarah Cook
Visual Effects: Blockhead

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