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Sugar&Partners have created a poster campaign for an anti-bacterial toothbrush – designed specifically to combat the fecal matter that gets deposited while on toothbrushes in bathrooms with toilets.

“It’s an amazing product,” says Sugar CD Dave Nash. “Makes you think twice about your toothbrush sitting on the bathroom vanity at home!”

The posters, which feature a blob of ‘poo’ on a pristine toothbrush, are going up in bathroom media (bars, gyms etc) nationwide.

The client is Aluro, a NZ-based provider of dental care products. The product is a US-made Mouth Watcher antiseptic nano silver-coated toothbrush, which kills 99.9% of bacteria.

“The brave clients are Aluro managing director Mark O’Brien and marketing manager Phil Yates,” says Sugar MD Jeremy Johnston.

“The budget was very small – so we needed to make a strong visual impact. The job was made easier by the nicely targeted media strategy put together by Natasha Cochrane & Richard Fenner at MBM.

“They nicely targeted people who care about their health – in an environment such as a gym – that makes them think carefully about hygiene.

“It’s confronting creative – but we felt it was appropriate in this instance; once you realise what can grow on toothbrushes in bathrooms … you pretty much want to figure out how to ensure your toothbrush is clean.

“So a toothbrush that cleans itself is pretty much worth it for an extra dollar or two.”


Agency: Sugar&Partners
Managing Director: Jeremy Johnston
Creative Directors: Dave Nash & Damon O’Leary
Art Director: Paul Kim
Copywriter: Graeme Clarke
Account Director: Stacey Rowe
Account Manager: Dan Hughes
Photographer: Troy Goodall
Retouchers: Gary Butcher & Dan Corian Valdin

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