Shotover Media shoots alpine vistas for Heliworks

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QUEENSTOWN, Tuesday: Local filmmaker Shotover Media has taken to the skies to create dynamic online content films for helicopter & aviation company Heliworks, also based in Queenstown.

Shotover Media producer Jonny James said: “Shooting thousands of feet above the ground in two fast-moving helicopters was certainly a challenge but that’s just how we like it!

“We were tasked to showcase the exclusive landing spots at Earnslaw Burn and The Hummocks which meant they had to think big to show off the stunning alpine landscapes they call home.

“Using our premium production gear (featuring our Red Scarlett-W, Easy-Rig, Ronin 2 and DJI Inspire 2) we took to the skies and mountains and documented the whole process, and created a insight to the production with a behind-the-scenes video to accompany the brand film.”

“Be sure to make it hi-res and full screen – and turn it up loud!”

“The behind-the-scenes video demonstrates the technical capabilities of co-ordinating air-to-air movements between multiple helicopters and UAV to capture dynamic footage.

“It was a privilege to shoot these awe-inspiring tourism films, so make sure to make it hi-res, full screen, and turn it up loud!

Modest beginnings
Shotover Media began in 2013 with two friends, James Perry and Pete Whittaker sharing a love of film and photography. Since their humble beginnings in the back room of a flat, they’ve grown into a creative team of professionals covering all aspects of video production at their creative hub in Queenstown.

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