Shout launches StreetLED in Auckland

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AUCKLAND, Today: Leading NZ out-of-home ambient provider Shout Media has launched its latest offering, StreetLED in Auckland.

The company has installed five cutting-edge 2000mm x 3000mm digital screens at street level across Auckland with an additional four screens to follow in August/September.

StreetLED is a premium digital platform that offers advertisers the opportunity to connect with their target audience at street level. The digital screens boast high-resolution displays at 2.9 and 3.9mm pitch stunning clarity. As a comparison most billboards are between a 8mm – 12mm pitch.

The high-resolution screen ensures the creative is vivid and clear, even when viewed at close distance and in bright daylight.

“We look forward to expanding StreetLED nationally.”

Shout Media founder Paul Kenny expressed excitement about the launch of StreetLED in Auckland, saying: “We are thrilled to bring StreetLED to Auckland, and we are confident clients will love the impact and engagement that this platform brings at street level.

“At four times the size of street furniture and clients receiving a generous 1 in 4 share of voice we believe this is perfectly pitched as premium solution.

“We look forward to expanding StreetLED nationally. StreetLED works alongside our existing digital networks and supports our upcoming marketing campaign Not Just A Street Poster.

“The launch of StreetLED marks another milestone for Shout Media, as the company continues to increase its digital footprint and provide advertisers with cutting-edge OOH advertising solutions.”

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