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AUCKLAND, Today: Ponsonby-based street poster company Shout Media has signed Vector to a contract that provides Shout with a further 25 sites in the city.

“Securing agreements with large property owners such as Vector and a similar arrangement with Wilson Parking last year is part of the reason we have secured over 30% of the AO poster market in fewer than three years,” said Shout MD Paul Kenny.

“Last year we added almost one council-approved site every week in central Auckland and advertisers are really starting to notice the coverage we have developed,” he said.

“With a similar CBD expansion under way in Wellington (16 new sites in the past eight weeks) and Christchurch (seven new sites in the four weeks) we’ll achieve our three-year target of over 1800 max AO frames this year.

“Shout has 1500 Max A0 & x50 Super A0 street posters across the six main centres. We have secured 30% of the market in three years.”

“We’ve achieved this despite our less-is-more policy which restricts frame numbers on individual sites.

“We’re not interested in 20 frames on a construction fence; our aim is for advertisers to have a strong presence on a high quality uncluttered site. The vast majority of our sites have six or fewer frames. It also allows for a more cost-effective option when advertisers require a complete site takeover.”

“Despite the recent slow-down in the OOH market our sales are 25% up on last year reflecting our greater presence. We also have a number of exciting new technology and design innovations pending which will provide our clients more accountability and new creative opportunities.

“Shout now has over 1500 Max A0 & x50 Super A0 high quality street posters across the six main centres. We have secured 30% of the national poster market in three years.”

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