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In a re-interpretation of the craftsmanship that goes into its products, Singapore Airlines partnered with American paper craft artist Luca Iaconi-Stewart to create a model of the Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 fitted with functional miniatures of its cabin products.

The project is part of a social media campaign from the airline –long been renowned for the quality of its service – namely that no detail is too small (hence the hashtag #NoDetailTooSmall).

The final sculpture features a complete exterior of the Singapore Airlines A380 – the world’s largest passenger aircraft which the airline was first to fly – as well as working models of the airline’s cabin products created at a scale of 1:20.

The miniature model seats were painstakingly constructed based on technical drawings of Singapore Airlines’ A380 and cabin products. Over 3000 components were meticulously cut from more than 100 Manila folders, and carefully assembled. In total, the project took close to 1,000 hours to complete.

The video shows the construction of seats in all of Singapore Airlines’ classes of travel: Economy, Premium Economy, Business, First and Suites. At Singapore Airlines, there’s #NoDetailTooSmall:

Suites was the most complex to build – it took about a month, with over 400 individual components. It also required the most number of Manila folders – five folders.

With a complex articulation system, the next generation Business Class seat is where some of the smallest parts can be found. The system is made up of multiple small linkages, the smallest of which is 0.2” (5cm) long. The pins for the linkages are even smaller, at about 0.1” long by .04” in diameter.

Fifty blades and one full bottle of glue were used in the course of this project.

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