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AUCKLAND, Today: Ponsonby-based marketing agency Digital Commons has forged a partnership with Singapore’s Silverpush to make its entire range of AI-powered video intelligence solutions in New Zealand.

Digital Commons MD Lisa Ison said: “By leveraging artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies, brands and advertisers will be able to achieve their advertising objectives in a premium brand safe environment.

“This innovation in ad technology boosts the effectiveness of campaigns and delivers unparalleled reach and user engagement.”

“Silverpush enables real-time moment marketing, and syncs tvcs, sports & weather trends with digital ads in real-time.”

Silverpush’s in-video context detection platform uses artificial intelligence to deliver video ad placements in line with content users are actively engaging with. Its brand safety platform filters out harmful and irrelevant content.

Silverpush also enables real-time moment marketing, helping brands engage their customers through live moments. It syncs TV commercials, sporting events, weather updates, pollution levels, and current trends with digital ads in real-time.

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