DDB & Sky present the world’s biggest art gallery

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DDB has created a pop-up art gallery to make art accessible to customers across the country this week, and giving talented New Zealand artists mass market exposure by broadcasting their work into 700,000+ homes.

The pop-up art gallery, dubbed Art Your TV, started broadcasting on Sky channel 220 on Tuesday, and will be open nly until this Thursday 17 November.

Tuning in effectively transforms your TV into a revolving work of art, featuring new artwork each day.

Five galleries are featuring artwork on the pop-up throughout the week – LOT23, Mossgreen-Webb’s, endemicworld, Gow Langsford, and Art + Object.

The artwork on display was produced by 35 different artists, ranging from up-and-comers to household names such as Colin McCahon, Natalie Tozer, Dick Frizzell and Goldie.

All the artwork featured on Art Your TV will be available to bid on or purchase via the channel’s website: www.artyourtv.co.nz.

It is hoped that viewers will take the pop-up channel as inspiration to begin their own art collections, with a variety of affordable options on display.

DDB ECD Shane Bradnick says Art Your TV is a unique approach to communicating Sky’s ability to convey powerful content. “People’s TV screens are off and therefore blank for much of the day. The idea was to turn these uninspiring empty black frames on people’s walls into the world’s biggest art gallery.

“Sky is the home of great entertainment and it’s also the home of arts, culture and meaningful experiences. “We wanted to show the special ability that Sky has to deliver something beautiful right into your living room.”

Sky marketing manager Amber Cooke said: “We thought this was a beautiful idea. To be able to use our platform to bring something like this into the homes of thousands of New Zealanders, showcasing the huge talent this country has, is really special.”


Client: Sky TV
Marketing Director: Mike Watson
Marketing Manager: Amber Cooke
Agency: DDB
Chief Creative Officer: Damon Stapleton
Executive Creative Director: Shane Bradnick
Creative Directors: James Conner & Christie Cooper
Digital Creative Director: Haydn Kerr
Creative: Liz Richards
Creative: Nicholas Dellabarca
Creative Director: Chris Schofield
Lead Business Partner: James Blair
Senior Business Manager: Zofia Wereszczynska
Digital Producer: Johannes Gertz
Digital Design Technologist: David Kirschberg
Agency producer: Alva Casey
Audio Engineer: Daniel Partington

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