Sky unveils squeezeback ads for live sports

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AUCKLAND, Today: Sky is upping its advertising game with squeezebacks during NRL and Super Rugby Pacific coverage. This dynamic ad format offers brands premium exposure without interrupting the live action.

So, what’s a squeezeback? It’s an ad that slightly shrinks the live game on screen to display logos, text, or graphics for four to five seconds. Viewers enjoy the game while brands get top-notch visibility.

Big names like KFC, ONE New Zealand, and Bunnings Warehouse are on board, leveraging this new format in recent games. It’s all about integrated, non-intrusive ads that keep the audience engaged.

Ben Gibb, Sky’s Head of Sales, says, “This is another exciting step in the evolution of advertising capability at Sky as we continue to look for new partnership opportunities within the high-attention environment of live sport.”

“Our long-standing partnership with Super Rugby is a hugely important part of our Marketing Calendar.” – Holly Knowles

“Nothing grabs attention like a live match and the demand for innovative advertising methods that seamlessly integrate brands into live content has never been higher. To be able to offer these solutions within two of our most popular sporting tournaments is new and exciting for the New Zealand market.”

KFC’s Senior Brand Manager, Holly Knowles, is thrilled: “Our long-standing partnership with Super Rugby is a hugely important part of our Marketing Calendar.

Across our Sports Partnerships this year, we have been striving to find new and exciting ways to enhance our broadcast coverage, so being the first advertiser to use a format that is truly integrated within game play is something we are incredibly excited about,” Holly commented.

One New Zealand’s Brand & Loyalty Manager, Susannah Winger, adds, “One New Zealand is always looking to break new ground with innovative technology. It’s great to be one of the first brands connecting with fans in a new way and extending our long-standing support of the One New Zealand Warriors.”

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