Sling & Stone secures the Tātaki Auckland Unlimited account

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AUCKLAND, Thursday: Sling & Stone, a travel-focused agency, selected by Tātaki Auckland Unlimited for Australian PR and influencer marketing, marks a strategic move to boost tourism partnerships and awareness.

Tātaki Auckland Unlimited, the economic and cultural agency for Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland, entrusts Sling & Stone with their Destination Partnership Programme, targeting key markets like Australia.

Auckland, nicknamed ‘the place desired by many,’ hosted 1.84 million international visitors by August 2023. Sling & Stone aims to amplify this success, focusing on Australians seeking enriching travel experiences.

Kasi Talbot, Sling & Stone’s Global Head of Consumer, emphasizes the agency’s deep investment in New Zealand’s international growth and success, showcasing their understanding of ‘brand Auckland’ and ‘brand New Zealand.’

“Auckland’s diverse cultural hub and attractions make it an ideal destination for Australian travelers.”

Kelly Owens, Sling & Stone’s Director, expresses enthusiasm for representing Auckland and concludes 2023 on a high note, having rapidly expanded their travel, tourism, and hospitality portfolio.

Annie Dundas, Tātaki Auckland Unlimited’s Head of Visitor Economy, anticipates Sling & Stone’s role in promoting their partners, boosting visitor engagement, spending, and positioning Auckland as a must-visit destination.

Auckland’s diverse cultural hub and attractions make it an ideal destination for Australian travelers. Sling & Stone’s on-the-ground support promises to share Auckland’s incredible stories with a wider audience.

The Destination Partnership Programme, an interim funding solution, encourages businesses to contribute voluntarily, supporting tourism marketing and business events while a long-term solution is developed.

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