Turning slow icons into museum exhibits

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The new Chorus campaign out of Contagion for Chorus aims to consign the most annoying slow-internet icons out to pasture. It targets consumers and SMEs that are getting access to fibre-optic broadband.

The Contagion campaign includes digital, radio, press, outdoor and social.

In the digital space, the ideas comes to life in banners and a space invader game where all the symbols of bad Internet are the target.

“Like floppy disks and modem dial up tones, slow Internet is becoming a distant memory for most New Zealanders as the rollout of better broadband puts these frustrations in their rightful place – the past,” said Contagion ECD Bridget Taylor.

Chorus head of marketing Karren Harker said Contagion has delivered against a complex brief that demanded true flexibility, regional relevance and media agility.

“The creative solution allows us to communicate with multiple audiences in a relevant and targeted way based on the broadband network available in their area,” Harker said. “It appeals to the very real desire for progress and having a better broadband experience now, while prompting New Zealanders to investigate their broadband options.”

Contagion managing director Dean Taylor said: “Chorus is responsible for building one of the world’s most ambitious fibre optic networks and it’s exciting to be a part of it. We’re thrilled to see all of our brand planning coming to life in this integrated campaign.”


Client: Chorus.
Client execs: Karren Harker, Head of Marketing and Anna Skerten, Communications Consultant
Agency: Contagion
Planner: Dean Taylor
Client Partners: Sarah McGregor, George Sim, Tim Brown
Executive Creative Director: Bridget Taylor
Creatives: Verity Dookia, Thomas Marcusson
Design: Phila Lagaluga
Producer: Lauren Wethey
Media: Richard Thompson, Suzie Thompson
Social: Tom Bates
Production Partner: Collective Force
Photography: Charles Howells
Producer: Jason Jones

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