#smcakl farewells 2014 – tomorrow

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Auckland’s Social Media Club (#smcakl) holds its last get-together for the year tomorrow (Wednesday 19 November) from 6 pm to 8pm @ Vodafone, 20 Viaduct Harbour Avenue.

Around 200 people gather monthly from March to November for smcakl to “meet someone new, drink something cold, and learn something useful” about all things social media and more.

It is always a free event (but the organisers would like an RSVP  – see below for details). It is supported by sponsors (smcakl.com/?sid=11and), and a dynamic team of volunteers. The event is livestreamed at new.livestream.com/smcakl, and the hashtag #smcakl consistently trends across NZ.

The speakers are reporter Matt Nippert, columnist Pebbles Hooper, and internet lawyer Rick Shera.

Tomorrow’s event also takes a look at this question: Has Social Sharing Peaked? “We have all been happily sharing online about our likes, location and daily routine with our friends and beyond,” says spokesperson Julie Landry.

“But are we getting more savvy about how and who we share things with? We can now set expiration dates on our posts and newer social networks Whisper and Secret allow us to post ‘completely anonymously’. And then there’s Facebook’s new anon app, Rooms.

“What do we make of all this? Are we ‘over’ over-sharing and going back to the ’90s when we hung out in chat rooms under fake fancy pseudonyms? And how will this affect marketers and media who rely on this info to share more meaningful stories?”

Matt Nippert

One of NZ’s best known investigations reporters, who knows a thing or two about dealing with anonymous sources (Rawshark!), as well as how news sites track their readers. @MattNippert

Pebbles Hooper

An artist and gossip columnist who knows what GenYs are doing to keep their info more private, if anything. @PebblesHooper

Rick Shera

Netsafe chair and internet laywer who knows where to draw the line, and who’s got the right to do what when it comes to tracking & publishing our social moves. @lawgeeknz

MC for the night is @WendyThompson, who runs social media agency Socialites.

Vodafone supplies the venue and a team to help out with the event, and Oracle keep the juices flowing with food and drink.

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