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Lumino The Dentists have launched a TV-focused campaign via mediaR, featuring a 30-second brand ad and numerous 15-second retail versions.

“The underlying thought in the new commercials is to remind people to take the time to do the things that make them smile,” says mediaR’s Tony Richards

“Our series of commercials is directly linked to the product: A healthier smile. We have a series of stories of people doing what makes them smile.

“It’s important that we get a sense that the people are having to put some effort into what they’re doing” Richards says. “So rather than just seeing something that makes them smile, there’s a deliberate action on their part, because they know it is going to make them smile – that’s why they’re doing it.”

“The soundtrack that underpins the commercials is by Greg Johnson, and delivers a truly New Zealandness to the images.

“There’s even a nod to the 1st Lumino the commercial mediaR delivered – The Kiss – in the last frame of the new brand 30.”

Lumino marketing manager Kerry Dunphy said: “With Lumino now seeing well over 1000 patients a day and with 95 practices nationwide, the brand has gained amazing penetration in both prompted and unprompted awareness from when Lumino first ventured into TV only four years ago.

“This is our third creative campaign and is again ‘very Lumino’. The Lumino team are very, very happy and proud of the results.

“We have had a long-term relationship with the team at mediaR and we have a very high level of trust in them. They knew what I wanted and I left them to deliver”


Agency: mediaR
Client Service Partner: Tony Richards
Media: Helma Mitchell/Jess Eagles
Creative Director: Paul Taylor
Production Company: Gypsy
Director: Paul Taylor
Producer: Penny Hall
Music: Greg Johnson

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