Sobering thoughts

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AUCKLAND, Today: It’s a slow news day, so M+AD is tapping into thoughtful pieces running in other media over the past 24 hours – like “the best commercial of all time” (on this page), and a lively take on the pleasures & perils of the demon drink by NZ Herald columnist Matt Heath (scroll down for the link).

“Ninety percent of the people reading this article are here because of booze,” he writes. “Your mum and dad would never have met if it weren’t for Dutch courage. Your very existence is probably the result of a few quiets.

“Weed, by contrast, has produced very few children!

“Aren’t we a nation built on drinking? Built by drinkers? When I look around, I see the greatest country in the world. A wealthy little battler with terrific people, infrastructure and values. Low crime, fantastic art, amazing sportspeople.

“There’s no doubt drinking booze is incredibly bad for your health. But … we are some of the biggest drinkers in the world. So how come our country is so great?”

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