Social media marketing academy launched

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AUCKLAND, Today: AdHoc/Insightful agency founders Andrew Ferdinando and Dom Hay have built a 10-week interactive programme that aims to add a level of professionalism to social media marketing by arming marketers with a toolkit “full of practical advice, tactics and frameworks to immediately put into action”.

Ferdinando said: “The truth is my Comms degree didn’t fully equip me for the workplace!”

Sophie Duncan, marketing manager at Tom Barker Group, and an early adopter, said: “The Insightful Social Media Academy is exactly what I’ve been looking for to provide me with the practical skills required in my role.”

Ferdinando and Hay have spent five years training over 2000 small businesses and marketing professionals on the topic of social media marketing.

“Over the years we’ve noticed that businesses large and small are craving more rigour and structure to their social media marketing,” says Ferdinando.

“Topics covered are social media strategy, brand positioning, content planning, Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn TikTok strategy, content design, video production and Google Analytics.”

“The individuals who execute the day-to-day social media for their business are typically young graduates, the business owner or someone who wears many hats and has been ‘given’ social media.

“Whilst they’re always very capable, they lack experience of social media in a professional context. Our Social Media Academy will solve that problem.”

Topics covered in the 10 week programme are social media strategy, brand positioning, content planning, Facebook strategy, Instagram strategy, LinkedIn strategy, TikTok strategy, content design, video production and Google Analytics.

“Our job is to put a process behind a company’s social marketing in the same way you would for your business accounting or operations”, adds Hay who ran an agency in Sydney for 10 years and recognises the need to upskill young graduates in social media.

“The marketing graduates that we coach on a daily basis tell us they want more practical skills when it comes to social. It’s quite a responsibility to be the outward facing voice of a business when you’re in your early 20s. The Academy gives them the framework to navigate that.

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