Socialites enlists first social coaching clients

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Social media agency Socialites has announced its first clients for the Socialites Social Coaching Academy, with two new training programmes developed to elevate already successful people through enabling them to maximise their social media potential.

The academy has launched with two programmes: Rise and Shine. Shine is designed specifically for industry exemplars and comprises tailored, one-on-one coaching for people who are ready to engage fully in accelerated coaching and commit to ongoing social media activity. 

Rise is for anyone who is already an industry leader or specialist and is ready to take the next step in elevating their personal or professional brand by learning to harness the potential of social media in a comprehensive six-week online training programme. 

Socialites chief strategist & coach Rochelle Sheldon says when social media is optimised, people break through geographical boundaries and amplify their success.

“New Zealand and the world’s visionaries, thinkers, believers and doers need to be the centre of the story they create, which they can do by understanding social media and using the best platforms to reach their goals,” she says.

“Our mission is to train and equip global change makers to use the powerful tools of social media to drive these personal, professional and commercial outcomes. This could be anyone, from school principles, lawyers and personal trainers, to people ready to showcase their work and ideas to the world.”

The first to step into the accelerated social coaching programme are the power duo behind My Food Bag, Cecilia and James Robinson.

“They have changed the way Kiwi families cook and eat, and it’s time they shared this story in channels they create. It’s our job to elevate them, and in doing this, elevate New Zealand and the world,” says Sheldon.

My Food Bag co-founder and co-ceo Cecilia Robinson says their unique social coaching plan revealed how what success could look like for them if they used social media.

“My Food Bag’s Cecilia Robinson says Socialites’ plan revealed what success could look like for them if they used social media.”

“Even in our first meeting, I was impressed with what Socialites presented to us. It drew attention to the enormous potential not only for the growth of our business, but as a means to share our vision for the world and connect with others on the same mission.”

“We have big ideas, particularly around social enterprise, and now we can see exactly how social media will work for us achieve to our goals faster.”

Socialites ceo Wendy Thompson co-designed the unique programmes with Sheldon based on their more than twenty years cumulative experience and knowledge working hands-on in social media.

She is thrilled with the Robinson’s strategic plan from the Social Coaching Academy. “Cecilia and James Robinson are hugely respected within the confines of New Zealand but their potential reach is mind-blowing,” she says.

“By using social media well, we know will accelerate their impact on the world.”

Thompson says the Robinson’s unique social strategy was developed after working with them to deeply understand their purpose and long term life goals.

“We co-developed a social strategy that can be implemented immediately and endure long term,” she adds.

Both social coaching programmes include access online course work delving into specialist tips and tricks, passive revenue streams, social media manners, with optional social channel management.

People who engage in the exclusive specialist coaching programme will get a personal social media strategy and one-on-one mentorship.

Thompson and Sheldon add that now is the time for exemplars of business, sports, entrepreneurship, scholarship and social enterprise to showcase the work they do beyond their normal reach, and social media is the means of amplification and elevated success.

“From gaining more votes, more sales, more donations or more bums on seats, social media is a transformational tool with no limits when it’s implemented with purpose and efficiency,” says Sheldon.

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