Sorrell questions ‘unwieldy’ Cannes

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WPP ceo Sir Martin Sorrell has voiced what many industry people are starting to feel about the Cannes Lions Festival – that it has become too big and unwieldy and that the expense involved may no longer justify attendance.

“I think there are some arguments that it’s got too big and it’s got too sort of hectic, and maybe has got oversized,” Sorrell told Advertising Age. “Maybe because in the drive to cram revenue in the organisers have broadened it too far.”

But he didn’t – as some do – blame the proliferation of ad tech companies. Digiday noted a week ago, “For a festival of creativity, Cannes sure has a lot of ad tech companies on hand” – but Sorrell observed that this was inevitable.

“The simple fact of the matter is whether you or I like or not, or whether the creative community likes it or not, our business has become more technologically related,” he said.

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