Spark ignites collaboration with Bastion Shine for new initiative launch

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AUCKLAND, Yesterday: As their partner agency, Bastion Shine has collaborated with Spark on a new programme aimed at advancing Aotearoa by a technology generation, focusing on enhancing the country’s productivity through advanced digital technology.

This three-year initiative by Spark is informed by a new study, conducted with the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER), titled ‘Accelerating Aotearoa business one technology generation forward.’

The report identifies three opportunities to improve Aotearoa’s productivity. These findings have shaped a new set of initiatives by Spark, kicking off with three major projects. The 2024 AI for Business Mini MBA programme, a collaboration with Section, marks a significant step, offering 150 sponsored spots to New Zealand business leaders.

Spark is investing $15 million into an Innovation Fund for its business and government customers over three years. $12 million has already been allocated, with an additional $3 million open for applications.

“We are thrilled with the work Bastion Shine has done to help us launch this new initiative.”

Olivia Wright, Spark Chapter Lead – Brand, expressed her satisfaction with Bastion Shine’s efforts: “We are thrilled with the work Bastion Shine has done to help us launch this new initiative. It has been wonderful working alongside the agency’s various business units to bring this project to life.”

She also highlighted the pressing issue of national productivity: “New Zealand’s productivity is a persistent challenge that has seen little change over many decades. What is changing is the urgent need to address this issue. This is a key focus of the report and initiatives we have launched, with a particular focus on how technology can help accelerate Aotearoa businesses one technology generation forward.”

The initiative was launched with a comprehensive programme, including events, public relations, social media, design, and digital, showcasing the integrated capabilities of Bastion Shine. Collaboration with Bastion Amplify, Bastion Creative, Bastion Design, and Bastion Make was key to this comprehensive approach.

Annabelle Pitkin, General Manager of Bastion Shine, comments on the significance of the project: “Working with a team and organisation that thinks big for Aotearoa makes this a very special project to be part of.”

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