Driving towards success with Kellogg’s Special K and MediaWorks campaign

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AUCKLAND, Today: MediaWorks just proved how effective those big, rolling billboards are for boosting brands like Special K. They tapped into their Opinionation panel to show off the impact of bus ads.

Special K’s got a new look, aiming to stir things up in the crowded breakfast space. They rolled out their campaign on 50 buses across Auckland, catching eyes during the hectic holiday season.

No gimmicks, no sales, just pure ad magic. The bus campaign cut through the clutter, demonstrating that bus ads can elevate a brand without the usual fanfare.

“The ad performed exceptionally well on buses. Harnessing the power of the AT bus network.”

Key Results

  • Purchase intent soared by 120%, showing ads that hit the mark can really move people
  • Ad likability and brand consideration jumped 40% among those who saw the ads
  • The campaign kept Special K familiar, crucial for a brand that’s been around the breakfast table for years
  • Ad recall was off the charts, proving these creative efforts didn’t go unnoticed

Mike Watkins chimes in: “The ad performed exceptionally well on buses. Harnessing the power of the AT bus network, we were able to achieve a strong share of voice, which we believe led to such strong purchase intent.”

The fresh, straightforward approach of the Special K campaign made a significant impact, using buses as billboards to spark renewed interest in the brand.

Robert Saunders, echoing the success: “We were very pleased with the consideration and intent metrics achieved with this campaign and the new creative. It is fantastic to see consumers expressing a strong inclination towards making a purchase.”

MediaWorks suggests it’s time more advertisers take a leaf out of Kellogg’s book. Bus advertising can really drive home brand awareness and engagement. So, why not give it a whirl?

Source:MediaWorks Opinionation, Kellogg’s Special K Effectiveness Study, December 2023, n= 1,053

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