Special Group mixes up new round of Smirnoff billboards

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Special Group has launched its latest round of Smirnoff billboards showing the ingredients and potentional occasions. The New Zealand-originated Pure Potential campaign, now in its fifth year, has helped lift sales volume by 28% and value by 71%.

The billboards are the centrepiece of the highly-awarded, long-running integrated campaign that has seen Kiwis Instagramming the contents of their fridge in return for a personalised cocktail recipe videos, the transformation of a cement truck into the world’s largest cocktail mixer, and Emojitails, a digital idea which allowed Kiwis to create different cocktails just by combining emojis.

“Global best practice now proves that commitment to a long-term brand platform pays off in the long term’, said Special Group managing partner Michael Redwood, in a release.

“This is a hugely successful home-grown example of this.”

Lion wines & spirits marketing director Adrian Hirst said: “The beauty of Pure Potential is that it’s a powerful brand idea that has been fully delivered across every brand touchpoint, from above the line to in-store and digital, consistently over the past four years.”

“I think the business results speak for themselves.”

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