Odd Company unveils limited-edition granny packs

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AUCKLAND, Today: Special PR has launched a new campaign for DB Breweries’ RTD brand Odd Company unveiling a limited-edition range of merchandise called The Granny Pack – a “stylish” fanny pack specially designed to hold two of their new Pineapple & Watermelon flavoured drinks.

The new product has been created to encourage Gen Z to “pop a can with their gran” and bring some much-needed fizz to those Sunday arvo visits.

Special PR senior director Natasha D’Souza said: “The creative is based on insights that highlight the reinvigorated strength and prevalence of intergenerational relationships, with Gen Z more likely to spend time with their grandparents than any other generation before them.

“We’ve loved launching our first campaign with DB Breweries. It takes a special type of marketer with the guts and the vision to launch something that’s entirely distinct and different to the category, and the team at Odd Company fit that bill perfectly.”

Brand ambassador Lance Savali was brought onboard to promote the campaign, starring in a campaign directed by multidisciplinary artist Lula Chucchiara and produced by Loupe Agency.

“It takes a special type of marketer with the guts and the vision to launch something that’s entirely distinct and different.”

DB Breweries senior marketing manager Chris Featonby said: “In a world where connection has become increasingly shallow, we tend to take for granted our truly meaningful relationships.

“Odd Company is about those meaningful connections. It’s not about pals, it’s about real friends. And who says that those friends need to be young?”

DB Breweries marketing manager Cara Webster said: “Our industry is saturated with RTDs and sampling them in a disruptive way can be challenging. We wanted to encourage people to try our product in a fresh and unexpected way that was grounded in a strong insight.”

The Granny Packs – which you can register for at – have been designed by Lance Savali, with his beloved Grandmother, Elizabeth Savali, in mind.

“I was fizzing when Odd Company asked if I wanted to help design The Granny Pack. My Nana is a legend, she’s young at heart and she loves to have fun and I want to spend more time with her,” he says.

“I loved the idea of partnering with my Nana to encourage others to have a good time with their own. They are the OG mate – they listen to your yarns, give solid advice, and then spill some of their own. How good is popping a can with your gran,” he said.


Client: Odd Company, DB Breweries Ltd
Marketing Director: Fraser Shrimpton
Senior Marketing Manager: Chris Featonby
Marketing Manager: Cara Webster
External Communications Manager: Natasha MacKenzie
PR Agency: Special PR
Production Company: Loupe Agency
Director & Photographer: Lula Chucchiara
Media Agency: Dentsu Aotearoa

About Odd Company
Odd Company is a high-energy RTD brand that makes easy drinking, low sugar, big taste, vodka RTDs. They come in a range of oddly satisfying flavours; Peach & Passionfruit, Raspberry & Pomegranate, Pineapple & Watermelon and Mango & Lime. Odd Company is about facilitating meaningful connections through unexpected experiences. It’s not about pals, it’s about real friends.

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