Special PR And Tourism Fiji create The 40-something-getaway

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AUCKLAND, Today: Special PR has launched another campaign with Tourism Fiji named the 40-Something-Getaway – a curated series of holiday experiences designed to turn that middle-aged frown upside down.

Drawing from a recent study that suggests 47 years old is the most ‘depressing’ point of your life, the 40-Something-Getaway is backed by psychologist Dr Dougal Sutherland and tried and tested by TV personality Jaquie Brown.

According to the research, happiness declines and bottoms out in your 40s before slowly hiking upwards again in the mid-50s. Combine tweenaged children with mortgages, high-interest rates and depleting collagen, and you’ll potentially find yourself a miserable 40-something-year-old.

Tourism Fiji teamed up with TV personality and proud middle-ager Jaquie Brown to trial the holiday experiences, producing a tongue-in-cheek social video in conjunction with production house RadLab.

Special PR oversaw creative ideation, media relations, content production and social and influencer distribution.  The campaign has been supported by House of Travel, who have released a series of holiday packages designed to put a smile on the faces of 40-something travellers.

“This is a content-led, integrated creative campaign that will generate media headlines and get people talking.”

Regional director of Tourism Fiji, Sonya Lawson, said: “We are always looking to build creative and unique campaigns which is why we leapt at this insight-led approach from Special PR which builds upon our central brand platform.”

“We continually emphasise that, in Fiji, there is something for everyone. Fiji is the perfect antidote for those who need to get away.  It’s where happiness comes naturally … even if you’re in your 40s.”

Natalie Chandler, PR Director at Special PR, said: “We can’t wait to see this campaign come to life and hope that it puts a smile on 40-something-year-olds.

“Trade mortgages for morning yoga and replace responsibility with relaxation, or rush-hour for paddle-boarding. We believe this is a content-led, integrated creative campaign that will generate media headlines and get people talking.”

To see more of Jaquie Brown trialling some of the experiences, check out this video and for more information on how to book your dream 40-Something-Getaway head to House of Travel.


Client: Tourism Fiji
Creative and Strategy: Special PR
Production partner: RadLab Ltd
Director: Jared Donkin
Talent: Jaquie Brown from Johnson & Laird
Hair and Makeup: Serenity Makeup
Locations: Musket Cove Island Resort and South Sea Sailing

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