Special’s Good Morning World shines on 50 countries

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AUCKLAND, Tuesday: Special Group Australia & NZ are marking the 100th day that they’ve said ‘Good Morning World’ to the entire planet.

Special NZ ECD Tony Bradbourne said: Good Morning World was always intended as a gesture to wake up the world in a positive way and to be a heartfelt invitation to discover New Zealand as a place and our people.

“It really is an amazing way for NZ’s welcome to be felt beyond our shores.”

“And so far over 50 countries have said ‘Good Morning’ back.”

Tourism NZ marketing director Brodie Reid said: “It’s incredible to see people from all over the world comment on the videos and tell us how much they love hearing from Kiwis all over the country. It really is an amazing way for New Zealand’s welcome to be felt beyond our shores.”

Each day Good Morning World starts as a social post on all Tourism NZ channels and then is quickly shared and spreads around the world across all mediums including digital, TV and outdoor.


Agency: Special Group NZ & Australia
Production Company: Sweetshop

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