Special wins luxury beauty brand without a pitch

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AUCKLAND, Today: World-leading luxury beauty brand Emma Lewisham has appointed Special as its creative, strategic, and media agency as it prepares for global growth. There was no pitch, and no incumbent.

Brand founder Emma Lewisham said: “After two years of incredible success disrupting the global beauty industry and establishing a strong presence in markets including New Zealand, Australia, the United States, United Kingdom, Italy and Hong Kong, we are preparing to expand our global brand presence.

“Special will work with us to finesse the brand proposition to help us build the foundations for global growth ahead of strategic rollouts across selected international markets.

“Special’s passion for working with businesses that aim to have a positive impact on our planet was a key factor in our decision to appoint it as our creative and strategic agency.

“Our brand purpose and values are well aligned with Special’s, making it a natural fit as a partner.

“As we scale the brand, we wanted to ensure we were working with an agency that is also a global force and one that not only prioritises innovative brand communications but one that also understands our core business values.”

“Emma Lewisham has already made waves globally, and will continue to grow.”

Special co-founder/ceo Tony Bradbourne said: “Emma Lewisham is the perfect example of local innovation that is disrupting the $163 billion skincare market to put New Zealand on the map as a global industry leader.”

“New Zealanders are renowned for pioneering solutions to key market challenges, particularly when it comes to sustainability.

“Emma Lewisham is a perfect example of this. Emma Lewisham has made circularity mainstream in the beauty industry through promoting a ground-breaking global take-back programme, the Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle that has set a new benchmark for sustainability in the beauty industry.

“We couldn’t be more excited to work with an industry-leading brand to deliver creative strategies that build awareness for the brand both locally and internationally.

“Emma Lewisham has already made waves globally, showing that consumers place high value on brand ethics. We have no doubt that the brand will continue to grow at pace and are excited to deliver results for Emma Lewisham.”

35 countries
Emma Lewisham currently ships directly to over 35 countries. The brand successfully launched on Net-a-Porter in September 2021.

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