Special wins 100% Pure NZ

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Special Group plans to continue the 100% 19-year Pure New Zealand campaign after Tourism New Zealand appointed the agency in a pitch last week. 

In that pitch among its existing suppliers, Special’s New Zealand and Australian offices worked together. Sydney was the other agency in the running.

Tourism New Zealand PR manager Lauren Vosper said: “Our people and culture are diverse and multifaceted and we need to make sure we capture this authentically and deliver something Kiwis will embrace.

“Special Group Sydney is now bigger than New Zealand – with 43 staff.”

“We’re excited to be working with them and see the new brand work take shape,” Vosper said.

TBWA\ has previously worked on the 100% Pure campaign, which is often aimed at its biggest market, Australia. Augusto is also one of TNZ’s agency roster, but was not involved in the pitch.

Special Group managing partner Michael Redwood said the transtasman approach works well as the New Zealand team has an understanding of the culture while the Sydney team can see things through visitors’ eyes.

The win of the work adds to the momentum gained by the Sydney office since it opened in 2014. In March, the Sydney office was bigger than New Zealand both in terms of size – with 43 staff – and monthly turnover.

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