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AUCKLAND, Today: Buying a house, getting married and having a baby are the main life events that trigger New Zealanders to consider getting life insurance. And Special Group’s new Get life right campaign for Partners Life targets new parents by turning classic nursery rhymes for kids into ones more suited for adults.

Partners Life MD Naomi Ballantyne said: “For centuries many children’s stories have tackled the themes of death and serious injury, and this campaign is about simply picking up where these stories left off and going a little deeper into what can happen as a consequence.

“We set out to let all New Zealanders know that tt doesn’t have to be ‘unhappily ever after’ if you are prepared for whatever might come your way.

“Starting a family is often the single biggest turning point in people’s lives. For many of us, having kids is the first time that the concept of risk becomes real, and we start thinking about what happens to our family if life or income are interrupted.

“Partners Life are amazing to collaborate with – and Flux have done a sensational job.”

“We decided there was no better way to connect than through familiar, classic children’s nursery rhymes with a cheeky, ‘Get Life Right’ twist.”

Special Group ECD Jonathan McMahon said: “Our unfortunate little heroes were brought to life by Flux Media in a nostalgic style that our audience may associate with ones from their own childhood books.

“This nostalgia was continued in the form of our storyteller Dave Fane of bro’Town and What Now.

“This has been an extremely enjoyable process to be a part of. The team at Partners Life are amazing to collaborate with and Flux have done a sensational job.

“Humpty is our first little victim in the campaign and if he was with us today I think he would recommend getting life insurance.

“We’re excited to share the second spot that will roll out in the new year.

“Humpty airs after 8pm, when kids have gone to bed and adults need a little bedtime story of their own.”


Campaign: Unhappily ever after

: Partners Life
Managing Director: Naomi Ballantyne
Chief Commercial Officer: Tony Arthur
Chief Marketing Officer: Kris Ballantyne
General Manager, Marketing: Tina Morgan
Sponsorships Manager: Mika Ballantyne
Marketing Specialist: Gerhard van Graan
Brand Co-ordinator: Sophie Broom

: Special Group New Zealand
CCO/CEO: Tony Bradbourne
Executive Creative Director: Lisa Fedyszyn
Executive Creative Director: Jonathan McMahon
Art Director: Till Dittmers
Copywriter: Jack Gravatt
Head of Client Service: Storm Day
Senior Business Director: Nick O’Donnell
Business Manager: Hannah Ross
Senior Producer: Jo Kelly
Producer: Nicole Scopes
Producer: Emma Cutfield
Strategy Director: Nick Salter

Animation Production House
: Flux Media
Director: Laban Dickinson
General Manager: Joshua Forsman
Design: Kevin & Kristen Howdeshell
2D Animation: Shane Taylor
2D Animation: Shannon Fahey
2D Animation: Dave Butler
Production Company Live Action: The Hood & Co
Director Live action: James Rua
Producer Live action: Caren Freeman
Audio Production House: Franklin Road
MD: Jonathan Mihaljevich
Music Composition: Sidney Kennedy
Head of Music & Sound Design: Shane Taipari
Music & Sound Supervisor: James Gibb

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