Sports drink or water brand?

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Mizone has launched a new radio, outdoor & print campaign aimed at answering the question – Is Mizone a sports drink or a water brand?

launched in 2003 as a sports drink. Water with added B vitamins quickly found its way into the hands of active Kiwis. But in the last decade the sports drink landscape in New Zealand has changed completely.

“With the launch of new sports drink and water brands Mizone found itself with an identity crisis,” says Colenso BBDO head of planning Andy McLeish. Was it a sports drink or a water brand?

“Partnering with Colenso, Frucor decided to reaffirm Mizone’s place in the market.”

The new campaign carries the strapline More than water and looks to position Mizone as the modern man’s hydration. “The ads make drinking plain old water look like an outdated way to hydrate,” McLeish said.

“Since Mizone launched and dominated the sports water market, there’s been a lot of change in sports related drinks. Mizone is quite a different offering to a lot of those sports drink products. We wanted to clearly position the brand as water plus benefits; a product you can drink all day to stay on top of your game.”


Client: Frucor Mizone

Cormac Van Den Hoofdakke: Marketing Manager – hydration

Natalie Johnson: Senior Brand Manager

Agency: Colenso BBDO

Steve Cochran: Creative Director

Brett Colliver: Art Director

Simon Vicars: Copywriter

Andy McLeish: Planner

Nico Ainsworth : Senior Account Manager

Media Agency: OMD

Colleen Porath: Media Account Director

Franklin Rd: Sound Design Shane Taipari


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