Stand up Nicholas Smith, Phil O’Reilly

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M+AD missed two key names in our Queens Birthday honours coverage yesterday – Otago Daily Times managing editor Nick Smith and Phil O’Reilly, head of the former Newspaper Proprietors Association (better known in its day as NPA).

These omissions were drawn to our attention by 3rdeye’s Barry Williamson (something of a legend himself).

“Nick Smith is a media rogue from way back,” Williamson posted here.

“And coincidentally, another ex-media rogue (in the nicest possible way), Phil O’Reilly, was head of the NPA in the days when it had a lot of muscle.

“Phil worked closely with the CAANZ Media Committee on advertising and media issues – both acknowledged in the honours list.”

Both were named Officers of the New Zealand Order of Merit – O’Reilly for services to business & governance, and Smith for services to the media & sport.

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