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AUCKLAND, Today: An eye-catching new feature on the streetscape of downtown’s Stanley St is the strong branding on the former Ogilvy building – now the eponymous home of the NZ’s largest indie agency.

M+AD asked Stanley St’s Patrick Hancock for the rationale.

“As you would be aware,” he replied, “we’ve recently brought our agency back from WPP.

“Becoming an independent agency means that we now, more than ever, have the freedom to do things a little different and with a greater focus on the local New Zealand market, something we hold very close to our hearts.

“The name Stanley St is very location-based; it’s where we’re from, it’s who we are. We’re just around the corner, part of the city. A local institution and crossroad for people and talent. We’re a destination, with local knowledge and Kiwi attitude.

“What better way for this to manifest itself than by utilising our own building to promote our own comms. 

“Our latest window design features four staffers – a look inside Stanley St and what makes us tick.”

“We wanted to wish the public all the best for the holidays, but we wanted to do it with a strong local, New Zealand flavour.

“The buyback has given us the freedom to invest in the agency group, and some of this investment is being realised through talent.

Mihiteria King
“For a few years now we have been passionate about delivering work with strong cultural authenticity, and the recent addition of Mihiteria King to the agency only serves to bolster this capability.

“The timing was perfect and Mihiteria’s expertise in cultural insights, was immediately felt, with her working closely with the creatives to providing a Māori lens to this piece of work, helping reflect our focus on local.

The feedback we have received has been massively positive which is a fantastic result.

The latest
“Our latest window design (just live this weekend) features four staff members as part of our new marketing campaign – a look inside Stanley St and what makes us tick.”


Art Director: Tim Thach
Copy Writer: Kent Briggs
Executive Creative Director: Regan Grafton
Cultural Advisor: Mihiteria King
Designer: Sam Cox
Production: Jules Calnan
Group Business Director: Patrick Hancock

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