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AUCKLAND, Today: Indie giant Stanley St has launched a campaign that gives a voice – and recognises the significant commitment made and losses incurred – by local businesses through Covid-19, encouraging all New Zealanders to get behind them.

They have also produced a free digital toolkit to help local businesses promote themselves.

Stanley St owner Greg Partington says that while Kiwis should pat themselves on the back for the extraordinary job of keeping each other safe, it’s a burden that is been carried more fully by New Zealand businesses the length and breadth of Aotearoa. 

“The reality is New Zealand businesses have traded equity, years of toil, future security and life-long dreams to keep us safe,” Partington said. “So many of the things we treasure about our way of life are in danger of being lost forever.

A huge thank you must go out to MediaWorks, NZME, Stuff and TVNZ.”

“As a New Zealand owned and operated agency we are going through this too and given our expertise in this area we wanted to help struggling business across the country.

“This campaign and resource kit we’ve developed are designed to be utilised by any organisation who wants to support local New Zealand businesses, or is a local business.

“The Support Local, Shop Local campaign uniquely features struggling businesses shouting out their support for other small business in their area.

“It’s a true reflection of, he waka eke noa – we are all in this together.”

Partington believes that it is our local businesses that will bring growth and innovation to our communities and neighbourhoods.

“It’s a true reflection of, he waka eke noa – we are all in this together.”

“These are the businesses that make our towns special and unique. They are hard-working people, often collaborating with other local businesses. These are the people that know us by name; they are our neighbours and in many cases our friends.”

Head of media Andrew Reinholds says it would not have been possible to run the campaign without the media companies coming together.

“It’s unprecedented, there has been fantastic support of this initiative by media companies in New Zealand and it speaks volumes about the positive impact collaboration can achieve. A huge thank you must go out to Mediaworks, NZME, Stuff and TVNZ.”

The campaign is airing via assets associated with Mediaworks, NZME, Stuff and TVNZ.


Agency: Stanley St
CCO: Regan Grafton
Creative: Pete Wujkowski
Creative: Gaelyn Churchill
Design: Sam Cox
Senior Digital Producer: Todd Wright
Head of Digital Design: Tau Matenga
Senior Producer: Victoria Millan
Videographer: Jamie Wright
Videographer: Jay Hall
Photographer: Luke Harvey
Editor: Ben Marshall
Audio Engineer: Jon Cooper
Head of Media: Andrew Reinholds
Media Assistant: Amelia Tay
PR: NSPR Limited

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