Stanley St unveils first AI-driven fashion shoot for Fashion Quarterly

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AUCKLAND, Today: Stanley St’s AI Revolution: Fashion Quarterly’s First AI-Driven Shoot. Utilizing advanced, generative AI, the agency transforms model images and flat-lay shots into vibrant ensembles, showcasing New Zealand’s top designers.

In collaboration with Fashion Quarterly, Stanley St pioneers AI to highlight creativity and innovation, marking a milestone in merging fashion and technology.

Born from Stanley St’s new AI division, the Fashion Quarterly collaboration showcases the harmonious future of fashion and technology.

The AI fashion shoot features diverse styles, from elegant evening wear to avant-garde streetwear, gracing the latest FQ edition and various media platforms.

Fashion Quarterly’s Owner and Editor-in-Chief, Sarah Murray, acknowledges the challenge of working with AI, emphasizing the difficulty in presenting clothing creations realistically.

“The AI fashion shoot features diverse styles, from elegant evening wear to avant-garde streetwear.”

Brad Collett, ECD at Stanley St, praises the team’s transformation of basic images into complex compositions, showcasing AI’s power in enhancing creative vision.

Tau Matenga, Head of Digital at Stanley St, reflects on AI’s current capabilities and limitations, anticipating further advancements.

Reem Rassam, Stanley St AI Specialist, envisions a new era in fashion photography, emphasizing the project’s transformative results.

With cutting-edge production capabilities, Stanley St pioneers AI integration into creativity, design, video, and audio production.

This project not only revolutionizes fashion but signals a new era in retail, design, and photographic innovation. Experience the future of fashion imagery in the latest FQ issue, heralding a groundbreaking chapter in the industry’s evolution.

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